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My name is Sanjay Sarma Oruganti Venkata. In short, you can call me ‘Sanjay.’

I am a highly motivated and experienced engineer with a Ph.D. in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the University of Georgia. I have a diverse background in academia and industry, having worked as a research assistant, teaching assistant, project associate, and maintenance engineer. My research interests include designing multi-agent systems, multi-robot systems, mechatronic systems, Opto-mechatronic systems, artificial intelligence for STEM education, and developing nature-inspired heuristic optimization and machine learning applications. I am particularly interested in developing strategies for extending the natural symbiosis phenomenon to multi-agent and multi-robot systems design, developing novel simulators and multi-agent models for demonstrating self-organization and self-assembly in molecular-level processes, developing various robot hardware and simulation platforms for poultry dead bird removal, intelligent agents and chatbots for aiding teaching and learning for students in STEM Education, and games in Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality for STEM education.

In the past, I worked at Design Informatics Computational Engineering (DICE) and Heterogenous Robotics (HeRo) Labs at UGA, where I published many research papers in various conferences and journals as also as part of my doctoral and masters research. I also developed a biomedical device called PRANAS – Personal Respiratory Analyzing System, a highly portable device for breath monitoring and disease diagnosis using photonics technologies. So far, I mentored around 30 students at the undergraduate and masters level in the past at DICE Lab, HeRo Lab, and GVP-SIRC.

With my broad range of skills, experience, and notable achievements, I am well-positioned to make significant contributions in the field of Multi-Agent Systems and Multi-Robot Systems. My expertise in artificial intelligence, machine learning, and Opto-mechatronics, coupled with my experience in academia and industry, make me a valuable asset for any research team. I am confident that my skills, knowledge, and experience can be applied to various projects and applications in the field of multi-agent systems and multi-robot systems design. I am always eager to collaborate and share my knowledge with others, so please don’t hesitate to contact me if you are interested in my research or profile. Let’s connect and explore the possibilities.

Like everyone else, I made this website to portray my work and, most importantly, share my thoughts and ideas, from philosophy and religion to science, research, and engineering.

Feel free to browse my website and write feedback on my contact page…
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